10 ways to eat chocolate on a low calorie diet

10 essential tips for eating chocolate on a low calorie diet

Low calorie chocolate does not have to taste like cardboard, some reduced calorie chocolate cake is delicious.

Many low calorie chocolate bars contain other ingredients such as coconuts and raisins. Other low calorie chocolates have different fillings such as biscuits and fruit. These fillings are lower in calories than solid chocolate bars and eating them can help you stick to a low calorie diet.

If you are not a fan of fruit in chocolate then here are a few other ways you can eat chocolate on a low calorie diet.

Tip 1
Chocolate covered cookies can be very low in calories as the chocolate only thinly coats the cookies.

Tip 2
Making the chocolate yourself means that you put less sugar in to the mixture, less sugar means less calories.

Tip 3
Buy low calorie chocolate from a shop and then use it to coat low calorie foods such as boiled sweets, low calorie cakes and treats etc.

Tip 4
Promise yourself that you will use a chocolate delivery service instead of buying chocolate at your local store, this way you are limited to the amount of chocolate you have in the house and are unable to go out and get more.

Tip 5
Use a calorie counter to make sure that you are only eating a small amount of calories each day.

Tip 6
Downloading free chocolate recipes can help you to eat only low calorie chocolate

Tip 7
Get a bowl of your  favourite ingredients such as nuts, fruit and cookie crumblings, then cover them in low calorie chocolate. Once the mixture has set simply cut in to bar shapes.

Tip 8
Dark chocolate tends to have less calories than milk chocolate, so using that as a covering for your mixtures should help you.

Tip 9
Use low calorie chocolate milkshake mixture to make deserts. These mixtures can be very low in calories and can therefore speed up your weight loss.

Tip 10
Chocolate moose can be very low in calories, and as chocolate moose comes in small pots in can help you only eat small portions.

Follow the tips above to enjoy chocolate and still loose weight. The old saying “everything in moderation” applies to things like diets. If you do not know how many calories you need to loose weight then you can use this online calorie calculator to help you.

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